Gifts for Teens: Makeup Sets, Metallic Nails and Trendy Bags

Gift Ideas 2017


 Struggling to buy for a teenage daughter, niece or friend? Here's a little inspiration!

1. Bag of Goodies! Why not choose a trendy toiletry bag and fill it with their favourite cosmetics? We have a truly massive selection of bags on offer this year, in all colours, shapes and sizes. By adding a few extra surprises inside the bag, you'll feel more generous - plus it will take them longer to open everything! Alternatively, we have some lovely matching bag sets in complementary sizes, which could be hidden one inside the other, Russian-doll style.

2. Manicure Magic! Le Mini Macaron Gel Nail Kits contain everything you need for a perfect gel manicure that lasts - and they're super cute too! The gorgeous little USB LED drying lamp in a choice of summer colours is sure to be the envy of their friends, and it's so easy to use, with no need for harsh chemicals. Please ask for them in store.


3. Cosmetic Superstar! Seriously, who doesn't love makeup? Even if your teen already has a drawer full, trends are changing all the time, and palette of the latest stunning eye shadow shades, a cute contouring book or set of brow sculpting tools is sure to be a winner. Designer Brands has come out with some great runway inspired sets this year, with on-trend colours to suit any skin tone! Browse online here.


Stay tuned for more gift ideas from Simply Wellness over the next few weeks! Happy shopping.

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