We Tried MitoQ for 2 Months… Here’s What Happened!


On Review: NZ Mito Q

Recently featured on Family Health Diary, MitoQ is a powerful antioxidant and cellular energiser, similar to CoQ10 only much more effective because it penetrates right into the mitochondria, where it’s needed most. And it was developed right here in NZ!

At a training event in Auckland earlier this year, our staff were each given a bottle of MitoQ capsules to try for ourselves - so we did just that.

Here’s what each of us noticed.

Rebecca: For me the effect was immediate. Even on the second day of taking MitoQ I could tell I had more energy. It wasn’t that I was suddenly bouncing off the walls - more like sustained energy throughout the day and I didn’t get as sleepy in the afternoons as I usually do. I felt like I was more productive during the day and sleeping better at night. I also appreciated the small capsule size as I get to try a lot of different supplements and some other capsules are huge!

Mimoza: I think it took my body a couple of weeks to adjust to MitoQ. Initially I felt like it was too strong as it seemed to be keeping me awake at night, so I stopped taking it for a few days and then started up again. After about 3 weeks I felt great - my energy levels were more balanced and I didn’t feel as sluggish during the day. I’ve also avoided getting sick even though my husband and son both came down with colds! I've been under a lot of stress lately with last-minute travel plans, so I definitely appreciated the extra support MitoQ has gave me.


It was a subtle effect, but I do think it made a difference. I would have to say I felt like I had more energy, and more stamina when I went running. I tried this product a couple of years ago and I remember feeling that it worked for me then as well. When I got home from work at night I was more inclined to cook dinner and do various jobs around the house, where previously I might've been reluctant to do much of anything after 9 hours on my feet.


I'm a final year pharmacy student so I was keen to try MitoQ and see if it helped my ability to study and concentrate during exams. I started off taking two capsules in the morning like the label says but I felt like that was too strong as I had trouble sleeping at night, which is unusual for me. I reduced it to one capsule in the morning and found that much better - it helped keep me going at a more even pace throughout the day.

All four of us who've tried MitoQ so far noticed a balancing effect on energy levels within a relatively short period of time. However, that's really only the start of what MitoQ can potentially do for your health and well being. MitoQ is the subject of a wealth of interesting research and clinical studies around the world. Scientists are investigating its anti-aging properties and potential to slow down both internal and external aging processes when taken long term. There is also research on the potential use of MitoQ to combat specific health conditions, such as diabetes, MS, heart disease and many others. Check out https://www.mitoq.com/nz/blog/research/ to learn more!

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