Passport Photos

We offer both printed and digital passport and ID photo services in store processed to meet the requirements for a wide range of countries and application types.

Please tell our staff exactly which country you are applying to and what you are applying for (eg, NZ Passport, Chinese Visa, University ID) so that we can use the correct template for your photo. Different countries each have their own requirements with regard to photo size, proportions and composition. For example, you can't re-use a New Zealand passport photo to apply for a US Visa!


  • Printed copies cost $16 per person for 4-8 photos (depending on crop size)
  • Digital copies cost $19.99 per person and are emailed to an email address of your choice.
  • Digital plus printed copy of the same photo at the same time costs $28 for both.

What you should know before you come in to have your photo taken:

  • Most countries require that both ears are exposed and that hair does not cover eyes or eyebrows. To save time when you visit, it is a good idea to style your hair appropriately, eg tied back, or brushed away from the face and behind the ears. Avoid large clips or headbands.
  • If you wear glasses, you may be required to remove them for your photo if they have solid frames, or if there are light reflections partially obscuring your eyes.
  • Photos are usually printed immediately while you wait!
  • Digital photos for New Zealand passports are checked using the official online photo checker to ensure they are suitable for upload before we email them to you. This process takes a little longer than a printed copy as the electronic requirements are more strict.
  • We are happy to take photos of children and babies. If your child is too young to stand, we provide a mat for them to lie on. They will need to look straight up at the camera, eyes open and mouth closed. This can be a challenge with babies! Generally it is best to bring them in when they are already awake, and after a feed.
  • Children need to stand up straight against the wall, looking straight at the camera with mouth closed. We recommend explaining this to your child and practicing at home before you come in for your photos.
  • To ensure we are able to provide the best possible service, we recommend families with young children visit at off-peak times (late afternoon or first thing in the morning) so that our staff can spend extra time with you if needed.

We use top of the range software to ensure you get the right photo for your application. In the unlikely event that your photo is rejected, we will gladly retake it at no additional charge. Please bring your original purchase receipt and any notes from the passport office explaining why your photo was rejected.

We look forward to seeing you in store!